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Angel of Darkness part 8

“do you like your clothes? They look very good on y-”

“They belong to your lover, and i'm not him... so i'd get you a shovel but” the long haired brunette chuckled, as he jiggled his arms showing he was bond up

“Well, just be great full!” the other man was irritated again. “you know..I'll keep you here till you come around my love” the man smiled stroking a long pail finger along the long haired brunettes jaw. The long haired brunette growled and managed to hurt himself as he jerked away from the mans finger.

The elegant voice returned as the man snickered walking around the long haired man. Stopping just be hind him. The elegant voice leaned forwards wrapping a long pale arm wrapped in black silk. “Just be so lucky.. I'll wait. I care enough not to rape you.. yet.”

The long haired man snarled, and the man removed his arm quickly, leaving the room laughing loudly.

There was loud knocking at the door of Aoi's place. It didn't stop, till Aoi forced himself out of his depression enough to make it to the door.

“Tristan?” Aoi was blood shot eyes and a red nose. Something was different about the man. Something.. . In the air was different. Not to mention the fact that he was passing. “Tristan? What's.. going on?”

“I'm.. sorry about Shou.. I heard...” Tristan gripped his head and kept pacing around the room.

Aoi groaned.. and his head fell back. He was getting hard, he looked down “What the.. fuck.. Trist-” Aoi felt so lightly headed. He fell to his knees.

Tristan took Aoi's face in his hands and kissed him roughly, and whispered “I'm sorry.. I.. I love you .. I need you.. right now..” Tristan was breathing heavily, Aoi tried to fight him, but was in no condition to do anything. He felt like a rag doll, he flopped his arms around trying to stop Tristan. Tristan carried Aoi to the couch and sat him up. He straddled Aoi's lap, and grind against him. Moaning loudly. Aoi's head feel back. No matter what happened he couldn't move! The two shadows and himself stared in horror of what was happening.

With all his strength he pleaded Tristan to stop..

“Please... Tris... stop..” he groaned closing his eyes.

“I wanted you.. I wanted... you and me.. a family.. I'm sorry.. I can't help this..” Tristan removed Aoi's shirt, and then his pants. “I'm in heat.. and.. I can't stop this.. I want you..to be my lover!”

Alarm bells went off. He had heard of some Vampires going into heat. Most Vampires did. Aoi never Uked so he wouldn't have even noticed if he did. Then again he was 'young' and didn't know anything about it. Aoi started to cry, just when some one came in and threw Tristan across the room. There was a sound of metal being removed from something.


It was Akira. He was He was martial arts master. They had swords and weapons all over the house.

“... I .. I .. need..” Tristan started to explain himself as Akira held a silver sword at the man.

“Get out.. now.” Akira didn't give Tristan a chance to explain.

Aoi didn't know what happened he couldn't move his head to look, but he heard the door close then Akira was next to him in a flash.

“God love are you ok? Did he touch you?” Akira freaked out over what Aoi looked like. God Aoi wished he could have covered himself, but he couldn't move at all.

It was hours, almost 24 before Aoi could move. The whole time Akira watched over him, with his sword.

Aoi never saw Tristan again. Didn't know what happened to him, or what. He was pretty sure Akira made sure of that.

Then one night, Aoi was out for one of his walks, thinking about Akira, and what had happened with Tristan. What would have happened if Akira didn't show up? Would he be having a baby with Tristan? Would Akira have killed them both?

Then suddenly Aoi's nose came in contact with a cement wall. He tilted his head, and looked around. He had never been here before. Curiosity got the best of him, and with the slightest easy Aoi jumped over the fence, and found a private property. He smiled it was like he just found gold, treasure. He nodded as he pulled out a smoke, and couldn't find light.

“Excuse me.” a very polite elegant voice suddenly was behind him.

Aoi turned around with the smoke hanging from his mouth and grinned. There standing behind Aoi was a tall elegant looking man with the longest black hair he'd ever seen on a person.

“hello, you have a light?” Aoi raised his eye brow, acting like he was completely comfortable and suppose to be there.

“No. i don't have a light.” the man seemed not to be impressed. That Aoi was there, and Aoi shrugged, and continued to look for his lighter. Smiling as he found his lighter and lit up.

“how did you get in here?” the man was so not impressed.

“jumped the fence?” Aoi looked at him like that was the most obvious way and only way possible. “is this your place?”

The rolled his eyes then looked over Aoi “Of course, and I don't generally take to trespassers.”

“well what can i say curiosity is a bitch?” he chuckled, crossing his arms looking over the man again.

The man chuckled and seemed to be surprised that he had smiled. There was a moment of silents. Then the man spoke up again. “I am Asagi, and this is home. Would you like to come in for a while?”

Aoi laughed and held out his hand “Aoi. Pleasure to met you Asagi.” he shrugged “well it's not like I know where I am anyways. Sure why not.”

Asagi looked at Aoi's hand then turned down the path. “this way.”

Aoi raised his eye brow and rolled his eyes, following the man. Then the sooner they got to the massive house Aoi noticed a garden. He finished off his smoke, and stepped out the but.

“Roses?” Aoi asked Asagi as the man begain to open the door.

This seemed to impress the man great. “Yes.. dead of course, being winter, but in spring they will be ready to come back.” the man smiled and held open his door. “this way dear.”

from that day on Asagi and Aoi were two demons working together in mischief. Aoi being the demon, a Vampire, and Asagi a human with a twisted soul. Aoi always stood behind Asagi and healed the wounds of the man that were left on him from friends and lovers he had done to him.

Then one day Asagi brought Aoi to a wedding.

Aoi at this point was losing to his inner demons. Akira was not becoming like Shou. He was never there, but Aoi knew was not because he wanted it. Which made things easier to think it was ok... to be alone.

At the wedding, Aoi met two people.. Huechi, and Ruki. Huechi was just like Aoi at the moment. They trashed the wedding, both being naked the whole time, and talking about sex the whole time.

Then the next time they met, it became a Vampire frenzy... since the three of them were Vampires. Aoi was taken, and so was Ruki. The three of them were horny, and didn't want to cheat. But drinking seemed to be a way to release that sexual tension.

Well one day, Aoi found out just how much he meant to Asagi when the three of them were having a vampire frenzy. Aoi had never seen Asagi so discussed with anything. He called Ruki and him cheaters, but as soon as Aoi shook him off, for not understanding what the nature of a vampire was. Asagi said he would be willing to look it over. Which confused Aoi.

Then the more Aoi became friends with Ruki, the more Asagi showed how much he hated Aoi talking to anyone, but then something happened... to Ruki. His lovers, lover attacked him, and left him for dead. Asagi came to find Aoi and told him what happened. Before Asagi could say more, Aoi was looking for Ruki.

As his friend he was going to stand beside him and kill anything that came between him and his happiness.. but when Aoi got there he was too late. He had found Ruki's body in the rivers edge, dead or dying, he didn't know but there was no life that Aoi could tell form. Some how at that moment Aoi, gave a life of his own to Ruki. Leaving a shadow and himself confused on what happened when Ruki awoke in his arms. From that day there weren't just friends they were brothes. Together they became closer. Aoi became more stable as a person, and he didn't feel alone when his own Daughter was taken by Angels. Which Aoi had never known that Angels and Vampires were at war with one another. He himself had friends that were Angels, now enemies. He lost not only his daughter, but his grand children too.

Aoi was able to pull threw it, only just. But then something happened that tore him into pieces again.

One day Aoi came over to Asagi, expecting Ruki there and they were going to hang out like usual, but.. Ruki wasn't there. Asagi sat in his chair, near the fire. His legs cross, glaring up at Aoi.

“you will not talk to him anymore. I don't think I could handle you being friends with that ... man.” Asagi said with look of such disgust.

Aoi shook his head. Then turned to walk out the door..

“AOI.. if you leave now.. then I'll crash.. and I know i wont be able to recover .. not after you.. not this time.” Asagi shouted out in a desperate haste.
It was then.. when Aoi realized.. he was trapped. Asagi knew Aoi couldn't live with the burden of not saving some one when he could have easily done so.. Aoi died.. that day. Then more and more from that day on.

He had even tried to secretly see Ruki on the side. But there were soon found out and Aoi had to stop Asagi from taking his life. Then it was the longest of times when Aoi hadn't seen Ruki.

No twin... no ruki.. no Akira.. and only Asagi who claimed to be his and Aoi only his.

Then... one day... Aoi snapped. When he got his last message from Akira...he wasn't coming back.. and for him to move on. There would never be us anymore... that was the day Aoi.. let the shadow of himself take over.

Together the two of them walked away from Asagi. The man cursed and threatened, but they didn't care. They buried themselves in darkness untill they found Ruki once more, and found the shit that Asagi had done to him.

Aoi changed his name... and his twin came back...

The long haired brunette sighed. His ass was getting numb and his urning were getting stronger.

“come on, come on, come on, come ON!” the sadistic voice begged, but the long haired man only shook his head

“Iie!! we made a promise! We wait!”



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