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life so far
wow... RULE 65643135181361 do not date needy ANY ONE! wow... -sighs- I have never felt more claustrophobic in such a long time! what is wrong... Like I have been in really bad situations in relationships.. cheaters, beaters, leavers, blah blah blah.. and now the needy. I have yet to find some one that that clicks with me. I almost found it.. but wow control freak! pity. oh well.. back to the needy one. sad thing is really love him, BUT I can't stand this... over controlling needy guy! I mean... he's great, but when it comes down to what's important I can't see myself with him. it's sad really. he's living with his dad, and he's no better. I'm trying to be nice, but I don't think nice is the way to go. seeing I told him I didn't want to be in a fast relationship, and he wants to move in together 3 months down the road. I know.. he's in hurry, I know, but he said he wasn't going to rush me and... now he's rushing me.. 
Well, let me know
five minutes later he's texting my sister wondering why I'm not messaging him back anything..
(_ _ ) help me... I have been thinking a lot about it.. and I think i'm just going to have to tell him straight out.. how I feel about it.


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