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Angel of darkness. part 7

After a long talk with 'himself' the long haired brunette passed out. He didn't notice that the other man had come back and cleaned him up, even changing his clothing which he knew was the others lovers clothing. The smell of the two was all over it. It sickened the man.

“Shou.. I need you to pick up. I need to talk to you.” Aoi's voice was so drained, as he left a message. He couldn't help it. He had been talking to Akira, and to Tristan, and Aoi needed to talk Shou.

The only reason Aoi had even started talking to Akira was because Sugio had come to him telling Aoi how it was all his fault for what happened. Of course Aoi was oblivious to what had happened.

All he knew was from what they talked about the last time Aoi seen him. Aoi told Akira how much he hated him. Hated him for telling him how much he loved him and was with someone else, hated him for making him feel horrible, because he only ever thought about him, and how he, Akira, would go on about how horrible Shou was to him for leaving Aoi always alone, and never there. Basically Aoi blamed Akira for everything, then said how sorry he was for some things, but not everything. He had not seen Akira since then, and was actually starting to worry about him. it had been days since he last seen the man. Which was completely abnormal.

Aoi was sitting in the food court.. waiting. He even bought Akira ice cream, to say he was sorry for what he said. But he never showed. Aoi waited. His daughter had to drag him home each night. Tristan came with him this time. Who hated how much Aoi spent on thinking about the man. Then even more when he didn't show up.

Then Sugio came waltzing up to Aoi and hit him. Not that it hurt the man was so dainty it was like a fly took a swing at him. Of course though Tristan got all territorial on Sugio, he didn't even care that he was in a public place when he snarled at the man.

“Tristan calm down. He knows nothing.” Aoi pushed Tristan back. Then turned to Sugio, with Tristan practically crawling up Aoi's back ready to tare the man apart. “Now.. what the fuck are you talking about Sugio?”

“you bastard! Not only did Akira nearly DIE because of you .. but.. but..” the man broke down crying, Aoi in shock.. what the hell happened? “HE LEFT ME!!” Aoi didn't notice that Sugio was on the floor crying his heart out. It was like that was the push button to a bomb and Aoi shoot off, with Tristan confused yelling and chasing after him. Aoi didn't know where Akira lived at the time, so he tried at the hospital. If what Sugio said was true thats were he would find him.

“excuse me?..”Aoi nearly dead from running, Tristan calling him a baka when they could have taken the car. “Excuse.. me..?”

“who are you looking for?” the nurse finally answered.

“A-Akira,” Aoi was ready to fall over.

“Last name please.” the woman didn't even look up at them.

Aoi didn't know Akira's last name
“Last name...” she finally looked up, getting annoyed.

Aoi shook his head. “I-I..”


It was Akira. He was being wheeled out by a nurse, and Aoi's eyes widened

“OH MY GOD!!! AKIRA!!” he was shushed by the nurses around him, as he slowly approached Akira, who tried to get up out of the wheel chair.

“I'm fine! Really.. they.. “he fought with the nurse to get up.

“Akira.. sit down. I'll take him.” Akira didn't fight Aoi but flushed, as he came around and took over. “where are we going?”

“We?” Akira kept his head down
“That's right.. we!” Aoi smiled lightly. With Tristan growling behind him.

“I'll see you later Aoi.” Tristan kept his head down and walked away.

“Tri-” Aoi couldn't say anything as the man nearly ran out the door. He looked down at Akira who was looking up at him. “where to?”

Aoi took Akira home. They didn't talk much. Just directions to his place. Then when they got there, Aoi took into the house. Akira tried so hard to do things with out Aoi's help.

“LOOK! I can do it!” he growled at Aoi, even though he was human.

“NO YOU LOOK!” Aoi got up in the mans face “You're hurt, and I know it was because of me! So shut up and sit down and let me take care of you!”

Akira's eyes widened. “how.. who..it's not.. it was mine.. I got drunk, and ....” Akira went quiet. “then I got hit by a car. BUT it wasn't your fault I drank and-”

“Because of what I said.. Sugio told me..” Aoi let the man sit down. “Akira...” Aoi looked down knelling in front of him.

“Aoi.. I understand that.. you love Shou.” Akira ran his none broken arm threw Aoi's hair, as he shook his head. “we can still be friends.. and..”

before Akira could say anything Aoi kissed him. Which shocked Akira. He pulled the man away, after he realized what they were doing.

“Aoi.. Aoi.. please I don't .. want to be the reason for you cheating on Sho-”

“I've been trying to break up with him for the last month.” Aoi was crying. He couldn't look at the man. Aoi hated crying, and he was so frustrated now with Akira saying this after everything he said before after everything he knew now.. he got up from the man and walked away.

“Aoi... AOI!!” Akira got up to chaise after Aoi. Aoi didn't run he actually caught Akira, not wanting him to get hurt anymore than he was. “Aoi... I wanna be the only one feeling your touches, your kisses. I don't want any one holding you like I do ! I don't wanna loose you to someone. I hope I am worthy of you love and I hope I am the only one to LOVE you. you might think I am selfish ... maybe I am but I just ...can't.. can't.... stand the thought not having you..i want you to know your in my heart and even though we are apart your always in my heart!”

Aoi wrapped his arms around the man and whispered “you're always in my heart and no matter what you're always in my thoughts!! every time some one calls, or calls out to me I always hope it was you! I'm so sorry.. for what I said.. I..”

Akira pulled away and placed his bruised none broken fingers against Aoi's lips. “It's ok..” Akira smiled “stay with me tonight?”

Aoi nodded and kissed Akira. Akira winced and tried to cover it up

“Don't act so manly let me take care of you” Aoi smiled taking the man to his bed, and took care of him.

Shou eventually called Aoi, telling him he was in a car accident. His leg was still broken, and he knew about Akira and him.

Aoi didn't ever see Shou again. He disappeared, then a week later, he was found dead. He died from his broken leg. They missed a piece of shattered bone, it flowed up the blood stream, creating a poison that spread quickly and killed him.

Aoi was devastated when he found out, and was alone for it. Akira was not there at that time, and wasn't back for two days after. Which felt like a life time.

But...Tristan was there..

....for Aoi...

“do you like your clothes? They look very good on y-”

“They belong to your lover, and I'm not him... so I'd get you a shovel but” the long haired brunette chuckled, as he jiggled his arms showing he was bond up

“Well, just be great full!” the other man was irritated again. “you know..I'll keep you here till you come around my love” the man smiled stroking a long pail finger along the long haired brunettes jaw. The long haired brunette growled and managed to hurt himself as he jerked away from the mans finger.



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